Building Homes for the Future

Our Mission

MHG Property Development Specialists focuses on private, green developments, building homes for the future.

Our Current developments include Balugha River Estate situated in Glengariff, 20km east of East London aswell as Kidd’s Beach Green Estate situated 20km West of East London, within the Urban Edge of the City.

MHG is a totally vertically integrated company. We are involved in every step of our clients journey, from owning the undeveloped land, to servicing the land and then finally constructing and selling/renting completed buildings to our clients. MHG also manages its own private, gated and secure estates by establishing HOA’s with the majority of the Trustees being Developers Trustees, whilst we still own one property within a portion with its own HOA.  Each development is carefully designed with its own architectural guidelines.

We view ourselves as partners with our clients, suppliers, employees, communities and the environment. We must all experience a positive difference after an interaction with one another.

Our aim is to become the leading Private Green Property Developer in the Eastern Cape over the next 5 years. This vision supports our main objective to build at least 5000 residential dwellings over the next 10 years.

We continue to address the needs of our prospective clients by developing different types of residential clusters.  We offer affordable homes for new entrants (R750 000- R995 000), modern homes for medium income groups (R1 200 000 to R1 775 000) and luxury property options for higher income groups (R2.2 million – R10 million).  Amenities within our Kidds Beach Green Estate Development includes a Private School and Shopping Centre. Future amenities will include office parks, a private hospital, high performance sports centre as well as a hotel and conference centre. 

Our objective is to build secure, gated green developments with most of the required amenities situated within or close to the developments. Job creation, training and creating business opportunities for the immediate communities is one of our top priority at all times.

We continue to strive for excellence.  Property owners and investors must be satisfied with the investment that they have made. Our clients are our most valuable assets.