MHG Financial Services in partnership with Momentum

MHG Financial Services is working together with Momentum to give our clients sound financial advice. We offer a number of products to cater for all aspects of your life and financial well-being.


Medical aid that suits your needs including other products that enhance your well-being.

Life Insurance

Plan now to protect your family and lifestyle in the event of illness, disability, death and unemployment. 

Car and home insurance

Momentum car and home insurance provides cover for your valuable possessions and assets.

Saving and Investments

Start saving your money with Momentum. Flexible, tax efficient investment products available.


Multiply rewards you for every move you make to improve your life with discounts and cashbacks with our various partners as well as on Momentum products.

Funds at work

FundsAtWork offers solutions that enable income continuation for various life circumstances and events. These could be disability such as dread disease, an individual going on retirement or death which could leave one not being able to provide for their dependants’ financial needs.

Free Consultation

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Taking care of you and your family